That Tantalizing Tree of Lives

by Zoe Papadopoulos

Question: If you were tied to a tree, how would you get yourself free?…This question may sound silly and of little consequence, but it is of great importance to the work I am about to publish. The culmination of years of study and research is my PhD thesis, titled, “The Entropy of Democracy in Western Society.”

A Therapist's Perspective

Elizabeth Garden’s cathartic codex: “Tree of Lives” can open difficult wounds, but this book will also cleanse them; and help bring a troubled reader to the path of healing.

Mending the Tree of Lives

by Jeffrey Oaks

Elizabeth Garden’s book, ‘Tree of Lives,’ was the first novel I read where I could truly “feel” the heroic transformation of the character.  It healed my soul while I was healing a bone; it may mend your soul too, if you had a bad childhood.  Or, if not, the superb, masterful writing will charm you like a breeze and brighten your mood.